Is Your Smart Home as Secure as It Could Be?

Join Broken Arrow & Tulsa, OK area homeowners who are integrating security features into their home automation systems home automation systems let homeowners keep track of household activities and control access to their properties. Platinum Protection, Inc. installs these systems in the Broken Arrow & Tulsa, OK area.

With an system, you can...

  • Dim your lights
  • Lock your doors
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Integrate with Google Voice or Alexa
  • Raise or lower your garage door
  • Check your windows and motion detectors
Since home automation systems include a touchscreen interface and buttons, anyone can use them. Contact our Broken Arrow, OK team today to find out if an system is right for you.

Keep a watchful eye on your property

Keep a watchful eye on your property

Your home video surveillance system could include a doorbell camera or cameras placed throughout your home. We can install your home video surveillance system to save you the hassle.

Make an appointment today.